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Music for the Roman War

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Composer John Paul is chair of the Music Department at Marylhurst University.  He has composed four short musical motifs, one for each of the major landscapes of the journey: England, France, the Alps, Rome.                                  England Arthur’s Journey–England France Arthur’s … Continue reading

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Hit befelle whan Kyng Arthur had wedded Quene Gwenyvere and fulfyled the rounde Table, and so aftir his marvelous knyghtis and he had venquyshed the most party of his enemyes . . . And held a ryal feeste and Table … Continue reading

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King Arthur and the Roman What?

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King Arthur’s Roman War campaign?  Most people have never heard of it. Almost everyone is familiar with the major plot outlines of the Arthurian story—a birth engendered by lust and magic, Merlin’s mentoring of Arthur, the iconic sword-and-the-stone episode, the … Continue reading

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Mapping Malory’s Roman War

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This link:  A Passionate Geography will take you to the route that Arthur and his men took, from England to Rome, in pursuit of wresting the authority of Rome from Lucius.  I made the map in Google Maps; you can … Continue reading

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Overthwarte the nose

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Not to give away the story, but Arthur ultimately slays Lucius in the countryside of Burgundy. Here is the account: “So Sir Lucyus with his swerde hit Arthure overthwarte the nose and gaff hym a wounde nyghe unto the tunge; … Continue reading

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Crossing the Channel

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In 2008, I began following the itinerary of Malory’s Roman War campaign.  In that journey, I traveled from London to Winchester where Arthur held a royal feast, interrupted by the demands made by the Roman emperor’s ambassadors.  They relayed the … Continue reading

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The Language of Maps

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Though Malory doesn’t mention Oxford in his account of King Arthur’s Roman War campaign, that is where the second leg of my Roman War journey began. “The Language of Maps,” an interdisciplinary colloquium, was held at the Bodleian Library in … Continue reading

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Recollections in Tranquility–a time delay

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“Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.“ -William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads, 1802 Perhaps Wordsworth’s insight into poetry also extends to blogs and what I am calling “Itinerary Lit.”  For me, … Continue reading

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