Overthwarte the nose

Not to give away the story, but Arthur ultimately slays Lucius in the countryside of Burgundy.

Here is the account:

“So Sir Lucyus with his swerde hit Arthure overthwarte the nose and gaff hym a wounde nyghe unto the tunge; Sir Arthure was wroth and gaff hym another with all the myght that in his arme was leved . . .”  From there, well . . .  “so ended the Emperour.” In other words, getting hit on the nose can make a person fly into a deadly rage.

I’ll return to Arthur’s itinerary but posting ceased here for the last few days because my own nose was overthwarte—I thought I broke it. The story? After a six-week absence,  overgrown shrubbery (that’s for you, Python fans) surrounded my house. A resistant tree limb gave way at last to the metal pruning shears, and I took the recoil of tension straight on the nose!  No wonder Arthur was wroth—I was seeing stars.  Knights were moody and violent men;  small surpise what with all that hitting overthwarte of noses.

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