Losing Arthur’s Trail

I have lost Arthur’s trail–but not the desire to finish the tale of tracing his itinerary.  This spring, I will return to France and pick up a thread of his fictional itinerary in the region of Dijon and, more specifically, a possible location of “Soisson.”  There have been many candidates for this location in France, many of which make no geographic sense.

I will be following the geographic sleuthing of noted Arthurian scholar William Matthews in his 1974 article, “Where is Siesia-Soissoyn?”Why has taken me so long to continue this blogging journey?  Like Geoffrey of Monmouth, I will invoke the writer’s prerogative when pressed to address such questions: “Of this matter, I will say nothing.”

woman_geometry_001a14th century manuscript: a woman teaching geometry to monks

One justification (and that is all it is) for such blog-lassitude  is the exciting work I have been doing with students at Marylhurst University in the Introduction to Literature and Writing class (see their previous comments) and, now, students in my online Maps and Literature class.  A post with links to their projects is about to follow.

In three weeks, back to France.  Then, no excuses.

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