Student Digital Projects: Maps and Literature

Here are links to students’ digital projects for our2014 Maps and Literature class!

Gough%20MapI asked students to make a geo-digital project that engaged with a geographical aspect of a work of literature we read this term.  Here is what they created!

BreeAnna Bender’s blog on children’s literature and maps.

Kinsey Campbell’s map of Paul Auster’s City of Glass. And her geo-critical analysis: Campbell DigitalProject 

Joanna Corlett’s Pinterest page on Campbell McGrath’s “Prose Poem.”

Linda Evans’ discussion of Mrs. Dalloway’s walk (coming soon).

Carrie Glovka’s YouTube video of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway sets the tune for Clarissa’s iconic walk through London.

Ginny Harper’s Pinterest page on Mrs. Dalloway.

Krista Lamproe’s Powerpoint: Mapping Tolkien

Brandy Lewis’ Pinterest site on Mrs. Dalloway. Here is her geo-critical analysis:  Mrs. Dalloways Shopping Trip

Stephanie Lillegard’s  Pinterest site on Mrs. Dalloway.  

Elizabeth Moscoso’s Pinterest site on McGrath’s “Prose Poem.” 

Tiffany Ragsdale (sometimes known as Tlifany) produced  a Pinterest site on McGrath’s “Prose Poem” and a geo-critical analysis on her blog.    

Fellow faculty member Ivonne Saed Grego created this InteractiveMap of Auster’s City of Glass.

Cody Jo Schroeder explores Earthsea’s geo-similarities to Earth on The Earthsea Tourism Board, based on The Earthsea Trilogy by Portland writer Ursula LeGuin.

Haley Spaeth’s Tumbler site on Gollum’s Journey in the Lord of the Rings.

Rick Wheelock’s comic-inspired graphic design for Auster’s City of Glass   and his related Pinterest board.

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