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American Cemetery II: ‘an hondred thousand leyde ded upon the erthe’

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On June 6, 1944, 25,000 young men, Allied and German troops, lost their lives in Normandy, in some state of agony.  It seems as if a devastating event of this proportion could only have occurred in the horrific day of modern … Continue reading

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Traveling by Surprise

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I tend to travel by surprise.  A journey, as suggested in Guiliana Bruno’s Atlas of Emotion, is a complex experience of the voyeur, multi-layered and circuitous–the act of seeing, in contact with geography, art, architecture, and emotion. Headed north and east, … Continue reading

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On the eve of Bastille Day, I drive northeast toward the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy.  My destination is the coastal town of Barfleur, site of Arthur’s continental landing and of the massing of his troops for the Roman campaign. the … Continue reading

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To retrace my previous day’s journey for a moment: I came through the once-bustling port of Calais, primary site of embarkation and debarkation for sea travelers between England and France.  That seems simple to say now.  Calais and the region … Continue reading

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Dreaming and dragons

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We left Arthur sleeping, these many months, on the dark English sea, beginning an overnight sea journey to France and his long to march to Rome.  Isn’t that how it is in a dream?  A moment can seem a lifetime; time … Continue reading

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Student Reflections on Malory’s and Geoffrey’s Roman War Accounts

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Students in my WR 222 class, Introduction to Literature and Writing, have read Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “history” of Arthur, which includes his account of the Roman War campaign.  Since then, we have read the 12th century French Arthurian romance Knight … Continue reading

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From Dover—sallynge on the sea

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Whose heart doesn’t ache with a sense of possibility when sallynge on the sea? Here in Dover, below the signature white cliffs,  it is easy to imagine Arthur’s company finally setting forth across the English channel to begin their great … Continue reading

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