chi sono? (IV) — Four Seasons in Rome

This will be my fourth year leading a group of Marylhurst students to Roma–que bello!

Rome, it seems, seeds esoteric passions . . .

–Anthony Doerr, Four Seasons in Rome

Vue-of-RomeHere are the blogs of my fellow travelers this year, all students at MU.  Buon viaggio–even if you are just following along online.  Chi sono?  Who are they?  Ecco, let them tell their own stories:

Alan Almanza   

Katrina Almanza:

Darryl Burns:    

Renae Canon:    

Auriana Cook:   

Audrey Fischer:

Jaquelyn Grandy:

Louise Hoy:       

Erin Nelson:     

Sunday Platt:   

Samantha Wright:

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Exploring Londinium

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Once again, I am on the path from London to Rome, this time with a group of students from the English Department at Marylhurst University.  We will spend a week in London, then travel to Rome for a week and a … Continue reading

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Student Digital Projects: Maps and Literature

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Here are links to students’ digital projects for our2014 Maps and Literature class! I asked students to make a geo-digital project that engaged with a geographical aspect of a work of literature we read this term.  Here is what they … Continue reading

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Losing Arthur’s Trail

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I have lost Arthur’s trail–but not the desire to finish the tale of tracing his itinerary.  This spring, I will return to France and pick up a thread of his fictional itinerary in the region of Dijon and, more specifically, … Continue reading

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Re-reading the Roman War: Geoffrey and Malory

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Students in my current Intro to Lit and Writing class were shocked at the violent and cruel King Arthur as depicted in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the King’s of England.  This is not the lofty, idealistic King Arthur of … Continue reading

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A day at the Forum: “stratification and juxtaposition”

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On Tuesday, we had an inspiring walking excursion led by Dr. Jeffrey Blanchard, professor of art history and architecture and director of the Cornell Rome program for architecture. As we walked, he directed our attention to the various elements within a single fountain, a palace courtyard, … Continue reading

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speaking of Ovid . . .

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We went to the stunningly beautiful Borghese Gallery on Sunday where we saw the equally stunningly beautiful sculptures by Bernini –The Rape of Persephone and his Apollo and Daphne. Ovid writes about the myth of Apollo and Daphne in his Metamorphosis, and … Continue reading

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Sights and Tastes–redefining “class”

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Our trip to Rome is a study abroad–an extended time in a foreign culture that includes study and class time.  We meet three mornings a week at the University of Washington Rome Center, tucked into a corner of the Campo … Continue reading

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Chi sono?

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Chi sono–this was my waking thought on Saturday morning.  But where did this Italian phrase come from?  I didn’t know (consciously) what it meant, so after I got out of bed I looked it up. It means, “who are they?” … Continue reading

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Student Litmap of Malory’s Roman War Campaign

You can find their project here. Click on the line that says “This spatial edition . . .”



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