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Chi sono?

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Chi sono–this was my waking thought on Saturday morning.  But where did this Italian phrase come from?  I didn’t know (consciously) what it meant, so after I got out of bed I looked it up. It means, “who are they?” … Continue reading

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Behold yonder two fires

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Reading the text of Malory’s Roman War campaign as a graduate student, I never imagined I would step into this narrative geography of war, then find myself sipping wine at an outdoor café, listening to aboriginal music from Australia, joining … Continue reading

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his dream had come about

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Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th century account of Arthur’s channel crossing from Sandwich to Barfleur: Round about midnight, as he sailed briskly on through the deep sea, surrounded by ships too numerous to count, and following his course closely with joy … Continue reading

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American Cemetery III: In proud remembrance of her sons

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In proud remembrance of her sons . . .1941-1945  Inscription on the reflecting pool monument.   I have two sons, one now 18, and tears spring to my eyes as I read this inscription.  And they do so, yet again, as I … Continue reading

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American Cemetery II: ‘an hondred thousand leyde ded upon the erthe’

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On June 6, 1944, 25,000 young men, Allied and German troops, lost their lives in Normandy, in some state of agony.  It seems as if a devastating event of this proportion could only have occurred in the horrific day of modern … Continue reading

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King Arthur and the Roman What??

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King Arthur’s Roman War campaign?  Most people have never heard of it. Almost everyone is familiar with the major plot outlines of the Arthurian story—a birth engendered by lust and magic, Merlin’s mentoring of Arthur, the iconic sword-and-the-stone episode, the … Continue reading

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The story of the Roman War and a tentative itinerary

The genre of “literary landscape”–imaginative, creative non-fiction responses to the landscape–and the genre of literary travel itineraries have a long and popular history.  And this is what this blog is about–reading the Roman War chapter of Malory’s Le Morte Darthur … Continue reading

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