Dreaming and dragons

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We left Arthur sleeping, these many months, on the dark English sea, beginning an overnight sea journey to France and his long to march to Rome.  Isn’t that how it is in a dream?  A moment can seem a lifetime; time … Continue reading

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Student Reflections on Malory’s and Geoffrey’s Roman War Accounts

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Students in my WR 222 class, Introduction to Literature and Writing, have read Geoffrey of Monmouth’s “history” of Arthur, which includes his account of the Roman War campaign.  Since then, we have read the 12th century French Arthurian romance Knight … Continue reading

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From Dover—sallynge on the sea

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Whose heart doesn’t ache with a sense of possibility when sallynge on the sea? Here in Dover, below the signature white cliffs,  it is easy to imagine Arthur’s company finally setting forth across the English channel to begin their great … Continue reading

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two asides before the departure from Sandwich

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You can click on this link for background music as you read this post (it will open in a separate window, then you can return to this page.) These two asides happen in the midst of all the bustling preparations … Continue reading

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redy on the banks for to sayle

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Ryght so [Arthur] sought, and his knyghtes, towarde  Sandewyche where he founde before hym many galyard [sturdy] knyghtes—for there were the moste part of all the Rounde Table redy on tho bankes for to sayle whan the Kynge lyked. Than in … Continue reading

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I am glad to leave the crammed city of Canterbury behind.  I trundle my rolling suitcase past the busy tourists shops to the bus station, waiting in the welcome late-afternoon sun for the bus to Sandwich.  No one seems to … Continue reading

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Go by Watling Street and no way else

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As a professor of medieval literature, I often teach Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales with its inimitable characters—the pious, the bawdy, and the loathsome. Who doesn’t love the Wife of Bath??  I decide to go to Canterbury on my way to Sandwich … Continue reading

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passe unto Sandwyche-warde

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While Arthur was in York taking counsel, the Roman ambassadors were hustling out of England, in fear of their lives.  Arthur refused the demand for taxes they conveyed and lashed out at them: And I shall gyff you seven dayes … Continue reading

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Alas!: A Reflection on 9/11

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Immersed as I am in Malory’s Roman War account, it suggests a context for reflection on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Stepping aside from the current moment in this literary itinerary to Rome, I think ahead to the end of … Continue reading

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‘A Parlement at Yorke’

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As I ride the early morning fast-speed train from London to York, the two hours on the train give rise, once again, to the question as to why Arthur left Winchester for the long trek north to York to hold … Continue reading

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